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How to avoid compulsive portfolio monitoring. Making use of Price Alerts, RNS Alerts, Limit Orders and Stop Losses

One of the things I have started to finally perfect in my 10th year in the stock market is just checking into my portfolio 1-2 times a day. This is still too much in my opinion but this is way down from the 15-20 times a day I used to check during the early years. Why is this so important? I share four handy ways that can reduce the time you spend in front of your share portfolio and hopefully lead you to make better trades…


CloudTag – A nervous weekend for longs and shorts.

I wrote about Cloudtag earlier in the year and called this out as a SELL at the time. I was almost 100% down on my SELL call at one stage this autumn, however since then a very interesting financing arrangement has been entered into by Cloudtag…

Fundamental Investing – 10 commandments

I’ve been investing in the stock market for a decade now and in most years I have been beaten the FTSE100 by some margin. You can take a look at my more recent performance in the ‘My Trades’ section of my site. I get a few emails asking for my approach. There is no universally accepted way to invest, otherwise we would all be millionaires. Here though are the 10 rules I stick to religiously, which have served me well…