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Prospect for Gold in 2017

In continuation with my macro themes for 2017, today I look at Gold and what I consider to be the best way to get exposure to the sector. Gold had an explosive start to 2016, up 30% to $1,372 from $1,061 the start of the year in $ terms to its peak just after the BREXIT vote in the summer. Since then Gold has given up much of the gains, ending 2016 at $1,173 just 7% higher than where it started. The price action has been unpredictable of late, gold traditionally does well in times of uncertainty/adversity and hence many gold analysts thought Donald Trump in the white house would rally the yellow stuff, but no such joy. So what are the prospects for gold in 2017, will it be a year for gold bugs or gold bears?


Are UK Smaller Companies still investable?

I continue today with my portfolio review ahead of the dawn of 2017. As I wrote about previously as well picking out individual contrarian stocks I also like to focus on Macro themes and getting exposure to these through ETFs and quality Investment Trusts. I find this strategy allows me to make money by getting it right at a Macro level even if I make a few mistakes at a Micro level. Today’s focus is on UK listed Smaller companies, it’s an area I love and where I place most of own money when it comes to individual stocks. But after a bull run is this area still hot for growth and what is the best way to get exposure?

AIM – 20 years of poor returns

This summer has been a good one for many penny stock pickers on AIM. Some of the recent success stories include Cloudtag (CTAG), which has delivered 760% YTD, Sirius Minerals (SXX) 128% and Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) 442%. So is AIM really delivering astronomical growth for investors or are these outliers?