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Basic stock technical analysis and charting techniques

Many traders rely solely on Technical analysis to give them the indicators they need to press the BUY or SELL button. As I outline in my Investment Approach, I do not place a huge reliance on technical analysis signals when making an investment decision, the simple reason being, technical analysis works until it doesn’t. In the long term the stock price always reverts back to the risked discounted cashflow generated by the company. In my view to make money from the stock market consistently a deep appreciation of the fundamentals is therefore required.


How to avoid compulsive portfolio monitoring. Making use of Price Alerts, RNS Alerts, Limit Orders and Stop Losses

One of the things I have started to finally perfect in my 10th year in the stock market is just checking into my portfolio 1-2 times a day. This is still too much in my opinion but this is way down from the 15-20 times a day I used to check during the early years. Why is this so important? I share four handy ways that can reduce the time you spend in front of your share portfolio and hopefully lead you to make better trades…

Screening Pre Revenue Companies

Valuing some pre-revenue companies can be extremely difficult, particularly those in Tech and other new industries. The core issue is that a lot of smaller pre-revenue companies are not in a place where they can give reliable earnings guidance or NPVs (Present value of future cashflows generated from the company). It is therefore necessary to use a screening tool to quickly filter the potential cash cows from the dogs…

Screening Oil Companies Resources vs. their Enterprise Value

The average private investor can find it most confusing trying to assess a company’s share price when looking at its resource base. This isn’t helped by wild claims by some junior resource stocks (which I won’t name) on billion barrel discoveries. So I’ll briefly explain each of the internationally approved reserve classifications to assist understanding…