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A dummies guide to spotting a PUMP AND DUMP on AIM

The AIM pump and dumps come in all shapes and sizes, from the well organised boiler room scheme scams to a very loose and decentralized pump. Many of the ‘pump and dumps’ now operate exclusively online rather than through the traditional cold calling method used during Mr Belfort’s heyday in the late 80s. I will focus today on the typical social media promoted pump and dump, which tend to be low level and unsophisticated, but that is not to say significant financial loss does not occur.


CloudTag – up over 500% in 2016, are investors heads in the cloud?

CloudTag is probably one of the most promoted stocks among private investors at the moment, particularly on Twitter. The company has seen a meteoric rise from the start of January 2016, rising from 2.5p to 11.75p as of writing, valuing it today at £44.2m. It is always pleasing to see private investors doing well, but should they now be thinking about selling at these levels?