About Share Investors

I am an experienced full time private investor and this blog focuses on my commentary and analysis of shares. This blog is not intended to be investment advice, nor am I or shareinvestors.co.uk authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to do so. Please read legal disclaimer.

I’ve had numerous finance roles in an advisory capacity and senior finance positions in a major energy company as well as serving on the board of numerous large scale infrastructure investments, with Net assets in excess of £2.5bn. My experience means I am comfortable with the analysis of investments, but perhaps more importantly I know how the corporate world works and can smell the IR spin from the real story.

My investing strategy is largely based on fundamentals and an overview of my investment style can be viewed here. The principal reason for my writings is that I find writing enables me to fully think out my investment decisions. If anyone else also finds my thoughts useful then that’s a bonus. I do though passionately believe private investors have the ability to beat the market consistently if they are able to invest the time to throughly research their investments.

I trade Shares, Bonds, ETFs and Closed End Funds over all asset classes and whilst I am not limited to the UK, I do tend to write mainly about UK small caps, these are the companies that are often under researched and largely not covered by independent Sell Side analysts.

My recent investing history is included in the Trades section and all tips recorded on this website you can see the progress of here.

None of my content is ‘pay per view’ as I would like to help others avoid poor investment decisions and the stress that causes. I am though happy to discuss business opportunities such as my financial modelling service, just use the contact page if you would like to get in touch.


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