September 2016 – Running P&L and Portfolio Analysis

Disclaimer: Shareinvestors is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to give investment advice. Terms such as ‘Buy’, ‘Sell’ and ‘Hold’ are not recommendations to buy, sell or hold securities, these statements and other statements made by the author have the meaning only to express the author’s personal views on the quality of a security. Independent financial advice from an authorised investment professional should always be sought before making investments. CAPITAL AT RISK. Full Disclaimer here.

In the interests of absolute transparency I record all my trades and produce a P&L of all of my share tips.

I will also continue to state my positions at the end of all company specific articles too.


Here is the P&L as at 30th September 2016, which assumes you had taken a long/short position on my recommendation on the date of the article with £1,000 capital at risk. I do not always take exposures in all of the stocks I tip due to risk management purposes, i.e. not placing too much capital in one area. I may also have higher or lower exposure to individual stocks so this is not my actual gain/loss.

Picture1.pngClick Here to Download Full Trading Overview

The total return inception to date is 12.99%, an increase of 7% compared to prior month. The FTSE100 delivered 2.6% versus portfolio return of 12.99% over the same period.

The biggest drag on the portfolio is my SELL call on Cloudtag. I still believe the stock is fundamentally overvalued though so my reccomendation hasn’t changed.

Two stocks reached their target in the month, Sirius Minerals and Sepura. These positions are now closed returning 26% and 41% in a matter of days.


I am starting to think we are pretty much at the top of the market, I am becoming more defensive by the months. I have just over half of my portfolio in cash and lower risk bonds and continuing to pick individual potential stocks.


2 thoughts on “September 2016 – Running P&L and Portfolio Analysis”

  1. Hi SA, The above summary is a rolling P&L, the GKP result is based on a Sell recommendation issued in my article in August. I admit the graphic is not very clear though so i’ll work to correct this for when I close the September month on Friday 🙂


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